Hey, can I have a ride?
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When I walked into the classroom this morning, waiting to give my last lesson here, 
I was suprised to see that I happened to be assigned the room where I started my first
 class here in the studio. What a wonderful coincidence! The view outside the window 
is the same, just as it has been for the past year, although the layout and the student
 in front of me are no longer the same. My last class here.

Miranda once said, "men are like cabs. They could be drving around for years with 
their lights off. Then, Bam! The light is on! If you happen to be nearby, then he 
is yours." It makes a lot of sense. Otherwise how do you explain the fact that many
 people end up with the ones that are so different from their types.

In terms of finding jobs, I think it is the same, or perhaps in a much more literal 
sense. You might be perfect for a position, yet somehow the position is never available
 when you are around, which is why most people start looking before they settle down 
at a company. It is like picking the largest corn in a field: you hold on to the best 
one so far and never stop looking. At least that is what most people are doing. That
 way, they can make sure that they are ready when their favoriate cab is open for
 new customers.

I have always thought that finding a job is like finding a lover. But not in the sense 
we described earlier. As far as I am concerned, the resemblance rests in the word
 "destiny". Timing, as indicated above, is part of destiny. That explains why the leading
 man and woman in Next Stop Wonderland never met each other until the last moment, when
 they bumped into each other on the crowded metro. In China we give it a sweet term 缘,
 the character that features a lot of lines tangled together in a mystical way.

In a lot of films and TV plays, the leading men keep running into all types of pretty 
girls, but they always manage to nitpick something. Then they fall head over heels for
 a girl with plenty of flaws, a girl he had never thought was his type. In Friends, 
there was one episode when Chandler always found fault in the women he was dating.
 Sometimes the girl's shoulder was too big; sometimes the girl's head was too large;
 sometimes the girl likes a film character he does not care for. But eventually, 
he fell in love with Monica who was obssessive and controlling. What can you say? 
It is destiny. 

Most people I know shoot for the stars when they are looking for job. By stars, I mean
 the ones with the most salary, the highest position, or the best chance for development.
 It is the equivalent of trying to find the cutest boys in the dating world. However,
 I do know one girl who takes a different approach. She does not care that much about the
 salary, nor does she worry about the working hours. What she does care is whether the
 interviewing process is pleasant enough. Now, in a rational sense, what happens during
 the interview process may not mirror what will happen during the actual working process.
 Why? sometimes the one conducting the interview belongs to the HR department. Sometimes
 the promises fromt the supervisor is just an empty check. Yet the girl still holds her
 standard firmly. I guess it makes sense--some people like to have sex like wild animals,
 while others like to do it in a gentle way. We just have different standards.

The reason why I can be friends with this girl for so long is that we think and behave
 in the same way in some respect. I also focus more on how I feel as opposed to what the
 position can provide for me. As long as it is the job I love, as long as I love what I
 see and feel during the interview, the interviewer gets himself a bargin. Otherwise no
 amount of money can lure me into pursuing a position, which is why I still do not 
understand why some people are willing to subject themselves to the harsh rules and 
unreasonable skeptism during interview process. I remember once going on an interview 
for the Responsible position for ZARA. The girl asking me questions was quite stern and
 condesending. When she told me that I should try to look more fashionable when I 
interview with the Regional Manager, I immediately dropped the idea of going after the 
position. I don't care whether the girl will disappear from my life after the interview. 
For me, if a company allows such an insolent girl to climb to a higher position, it is 
not the place I want to be. Call me naive, but I think I owe myself the ability to be 
stubborn every once in a while.

In every organization, be it a school, a NGO, or a SOE, there must be kind and honst 
people as well as calculative ones, the same way everyone has merits and shortcomings.
 If a guy smart enough to conceal his defects can appeal to a lot of potential lovers, 
so can a company with all kinds of problems. I decide to leave the studio despite the
 high salary and free environment because there is something I do not feel comfortable,
 something that may not matter at all to others. What can I say? The chemistry is just 
not perfect, so our cooperation has run its course. If I can nitpick when finding a 
lover, I could also do the same thing with jobs. 

The next job that comes along may not be as good as this one, but as long as everything 
feels right, I am ready to take it. Hopefully my nurotic and wishful style in picking a 
job does not get me in trouble. Then, all I can say is, "Hey, can I have a ride?". 
Is it me, or it sounds even cooler if it is a guy instead of a job? Despicable me...

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    i wouldnt say chemistry is always that important, but sometimes it does work! all the best with your job and relationship. and btw, dont be too harsh, but that really sounds cool from a guy.;-)