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Dear Diary,

It's been a while again, since last time I talked to you. It seems that I always start my conversation with this sentence. A lot has happened, literally. I have not felt this way for so many years, that desire to love someone. Perhaps I am old. I'm old enough to feel to love again. 

I, for so long, stayed alone, but I do know how to love. It's just because I did not find anyone, maybe until now? I wonder if I'm ever gonna find the one. I met someone recently and we fucked a few times. The overall feeling I have for him is complicated. He's just some normal guy, really, the kind that you wouldn't notice in the crowd. However, he still loves his ex and I don't think he will come out of that any time soon. He doesn't like to call or text or weibo or weixin... It seems that he does not want communicate at all. 

Besides the sex, nothing goes well between us. I'm lost... I was poisoned by him. His kiss is so deadly, that draws me back over and over again.

I really want to have a relationship with him, but I'm afraid. I'm so afraid that he may not love me the same way as I could love him. What shall I do? 

My friend suggested me not to contact him again. If he loves me, he will call me. That's what my friend told me, otherwise I should not get more involved.

Why? Why do I have to suffer all of this shit ??!! When can I find love, a real love?

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  • 子沫 2013-06-19 18:53
  • mancody 2013-06-19 19:49
  • 焦糖玛琪朵 2013-06-19 20:02
    子沫: 你朋友说的对,如果他爱你,不会冷落你。会主动联系你。你不要太执念,赶快抽身,宁可找一个爱你多一点儿的,也不要和一个不懂得你好的人在一起
  • 焦糖玛琪朵 2013-06-19 20:03
    mancody: 猜楼主应该是90后
  • mancody 2013-06-19 20:07
  • 我自己 2013-06-19 21:21
  • MollyB 2013-06-20 11:15
  • 焦糖玛琪朵 2013-06-21 19:13
    我自己: 模仿吸血鬼日记Elena
  • 焦糖玛琪朵 2013-06-21 19:14
    MollyB: 你对他一见钟情,他对你,再见陌路
  • MollyB 2013-06-21 20:41
    焦糖玛琪朵: 唉……
  • 焦糖玛琪朵 2013-06-21 20:47
    MollyB: 追吧,宁愿后悔做错,不后悔没做过
  • MollyB 2013-06-21 21:32
    焦糖玛琪朵: 人家摆明了不吊你,你还能上敢着追着人家吗?
  • 焦糖玛琪朵 2013-06-22 15:05
    MollyB: 宁愿笑着哭
  • MollyB 2013-06-22 18:43
    焦糖玛琪朵: 谢谢你的建议,我约他出来了。